In a relationship for 5 years, two octogenarians get married at the nursing home

The love story between Jacqueline Cachet, 83, and Germain Dufour, 86, is a beautiful demonstration of romance and resilience. They met in 2017, when they were both grieving their respective partners after more than 40 years together. Their meeting at a veterans’ reunion was a balm for their bruised hearts.

Despite the start of their relationship which was not marked by instant love at first sight, Jacqueline and Germain quickly discovered that they had a lot in common. They decided to live together at Jacqueline’s house, where their love blossomed and grew over time.

When Jacqueline’s health deteriorated and she had to enter a nursing home in September 2021, Germain did not hesitate to follow her to stay by her side. Their daily life in the retirement home proved to be a continuation of their love, and they enjoyed every moment spent together.

In March 2022, Jacqueline and Germain decided to seal their love with marriage, a decision that took the nursing home staff by surprise. With the help of the priest, they organized a moving ceremony in front of their loved ones. Even if the initially planned date had to be postponed by a few days, the celebration was a very emotional moment for all participants.

This love story testifies to the capacity of love to transcend time and the trials of life. Jacqueline and Germain found true and lasting love in their senior years, proving that it’s never too late to find happiness with the right person.

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