After helping disabled people all his life, he wins the lottery…

Grant Carson, a 58-year-old man, has dedicated 27 years of his life to helping people with disabilities find accessible housing in the UK. Initially working with a charity, he specialized in employment and housing for disabled people. In December 2022, he decided to become an independent consultant to continue meeting the needs of people with disabilities.

Through his commitment to others, Grant was rewarded in an unexpected way: he won a raffle, granting him a country house worth £2.5 million, as well as £100,000 cash. The win gave Grant unexpected financial security, allowing him to focus on his new business as an independent consultant, while reducing financial pressure.

Winning this house was even more remarkable for Grant, who is a widower and now plans to adopt a dog to keep him company. Despite his own chronic arthritis, which limits his ability to take long walks, he is enchanted by the idea of enjoying the beauty of the countryside and this new stage in his life. This victory, according to Grant, represents a significant life change that offers him new possibilities and perspectives for the future.

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