Man With Cancer Gets Married In Hospital So He Doesn’t Let Illness Stop His Marriage

Zach and Madison’s story is both touching and inspiring. Here is a summary of their journey:

Zach, 26, and Madison, 24, met in 2015 and began their relationship in 2018. In November 2020, Zach was diagnosed with lymphoma, a cancer that affects the lymph nodes. After chemotherapy, he went into remission in March 2021 and proposed to Madison. Unfortunately, the cancer returned in December 2021, this time affecting Zach’s nervous system.

Despite this ordeal, Zach and Madison remained united. They decided to get married at the hospital, where Zach was receiving his treatment, so as not to let the disease win. The ceremony was organized and funded by a charity supporting young adults with cancer. Although loved ones were unable to attend the ceremony in person due to health restrictions, medical staff were present to support the couple.

A video from their wedding, showing Zach’s battle with cancer as well as happy moments shared by the couple, went viral on TikTok, sparking an outpouring of support and compassion online. Currently, Zach is in remission and gradually recovering. The couple plans to have another wedding ceremony surrounded by their loved ones, as well as a beach honeymoon.

This story illustrates the power of love and resilience in the face of adversity, and it has touched many people around the world.

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