At 80, here is «the dirtiest man in the world», he hasn’t washed in… 60 years

It is true that Amoo Hadji, nicknamed «the dirtiest man in the world», is a quite fascinating, if controversial, figure. His choice to live in filth and not wash for 60 years is certainly extraordinary and raises a lot of questions about health, hygiene and lifestyle.

It appears that Amoo Hadji has developed a very solitary and self-sufficient lifestyle, preferring to live away from others and spend time in nature. Its unusual diet, which includes eating rotting animals and animal feces, as well as its apparent resistance to disease despite its lack of hygiene, raises questions about the human body’s ability to adapt to extreme conditions.

However, it is important to note that one’s life choice can be attributed to psychological and emotional factors, such as disappointment in love, as mentioned. It is also crucial to recognize that one’s lifestyle is not necessarily a model to follow when it comes to hygiene and health, as there are obvious health risks associated with a lack of hygiene, such as disease skin and infections.

Ultimately, while Amoo Hadji’s life is unusual and arouses interest, it also raises complex questions about health, well-being, and individual lifestyle choices.

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