We did not allow our class member to take a photo with us so that he would not ruin our photo, but years later we met him and experienced a great shock….

We made a decision that seemed reasonable at the time we made it. Just one photo, one moment that we didn’t want to ruin. We didn’t give our graduating class the opportunity to take a photo with us. We remember how hard we tried to line up in the perfect pose to preserve this important moment without unnecessary awkwardness or disorder. It seemed right at the time.

But years later, when we met him by chance, we experienced a huge shock. There was deep improbability in our eyes when we learned that he was battling a serious illness. Seeing his thin figure and the expression of exhaustion on his face, we felt our hearts clench with pain and regret.

We realized that our decision was selfish. We didn’t realize we had so much time ahead of us, and we didn’t realize that the importance of the moment didn’t just lie within the frame. Meeting him shed light on how moments that seem trivial can have deep meaning for others.

Our hearts were filled with regret and the desire to correct the situation, but it was too late. We realized that life’s moments are priceless and it is important to cherish every moment with the people who matter to us. This experience taught us to appreciate every happy moment and not miss the opportunity to share it with those we love.

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